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Artist Thoughs and Musings



I have developed a new concept of folded two-dimensional surfaces in order to create background metaphors. The two-dimensional surfaces then extrude into seemingly three-dimensional forms. This trans-dimensionalism creates mysterious tapestries rich in compelling imagery leaving more to the imagination than straightforward representation.

The two-dimensional backdrops I create may suggest allegorical and intangible themes through design, such as ‘life force,’ ‘fate,’ ‘spirituality,’ ‘harmonic rhythms,’ and so forth.

The reverse side or ‘back’ of this trans-dimensional sculpture is intended to represent the amorphous void, the imponderable nothingness from which everything emerges. The sculptural form is seen to resolve itself, Metaphysically to a higher state from this two-dimensional backdrop.

Apperitions / 42" Tall / Edition of 57

Please call a gallery for Availability and Price. See the List of Consigning Galleries near you (on the main page).